RPM Award winners, past and present (L to R): Greg West, Annie O’Shea, Veronica Day, Kyle Tress, Lauren Salter, Mike Rogals, Matt Antoine, Gracie Clapp-Taylor, and the Price family
rpm award winners
Talking about Randy’s and Elaine’s legacy
Megan Henry and Kyle Brown, this year’s winners
Kyle and Megan with the Price family at the OTC
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In recognition of the way they lived their lives, Randy Price and Elaine Iba Memorial Awards are presented annually to skeleton athletes who best exemplify Randy's and Elaine’s sportsmanship, commitment to excellence, regardless of circumstance, persistence, and improvement. Recipients receive a financial award to help with training expenses and are commemorated on a plaque that hangs in the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid.

2004: 2006 and 2010 Olympian Eric Bernotas
2005: 2014 Olympian Kyle Tress
2006: Courtney Yamada and Shawn Brust
2007: Bree Schaaf and 2014 Bronze Medalist Matt Antoine
2008: Annie O’Shea and Luke Schulz
2009: Kimber Gabryszak and 2010 and 2014 Olympian John Daly
2010: Rachelle Rasmussen and Caleb Smith
2011: Meghan Sullivan and Tom Santagato
2012: Lauren Salter and Greg West
2013: Veronica Day and Brad Stewart
2014: Gracie Clapp-Taylor and Mike Rogals
2015: Megan Henry and Kyle Brownhttp://www.kyletress.comhttp://www.teamusa.org/Athletes/AN/Matt-Antoine.aspxhttp://www.teamusa.org/Athletes/OS/Annie-OShea.aspxhttp://www.kimberg.ushttp://livingfastlivingstrong.wordpress.com/http://frostbittenfollies.wordpress.com/http://www.teamusa.org/usa-bobsled-skeleton-federation/athletes/Mike-Rogalshttps://www.facebook.com/MeganHenryAthlete/https://www.facebook.com/Kyle-Brown-USA-364834800270469/shapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7shapeimage_4_link_8
2015 Award Ceremony, October 11, 2015
Olympic Training Center, Lake Placid, NY