randy price
randy was an artist and an athlete. he loved being outdoors and enjoyed the speed and excitement of snowboarding, cycling, and skeleton. in his last years, he spent time pursuing his artistic dreams in new york city, working in photography and holographic portraiture. to view samples of randy’s artwork, please visit maker. 

randy died in new york city in december 2003 at age 32, after a 7-year battle with thyroid cancer. the video below by 2006 and 2010 olympian and winner of the rpm award eric bernotas conveys some of randy’s enthusiasm for skeleton and his sense of fun.

elaine iba
Competitive sports were a part of elaine's DNA. she was 39 years old when she began her winter sports career in 2000, during a break in her career as an electrical engineer. elaine failed to make the skeleton team on her first try, but she doubled-down and tried again. in 2001 she was named to the USA Women's Skeleton National Team. during her time as a skeleton athlete she competed on the america's cup and europa cup circuits. while elaine did not make the podium during her time as a skeleton athlete, the joy of the sport and the camaraderie among the athletes mattered to her the most. one of elaine's favorite moments in her skeleton career was participating as a fore-runner in the 2002 us olympic team trials. another was participating in the first ever utah winter games skeleton masters competition in 2003, where she placed 3rd in an all-male field.

elaine was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in April of 2011, and succumbed to the disease after a short but brave battle on August 20, 2011. 

their legacy
elaine and randy shared a joy of competing, a love of the camaraderie that they both felt, and encouraged, amongst teammates & competitors, a loyalty and admiration for people who, like themselves, dedicated significant amounts of time, energy, and money, to pursuing their passion, no matter the obstacles. The awards in their memory are meant to honor the way the lived their lives and help build sportsmanship and teamwork in the skeleton community.maker.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0
about randy price and elaine iba
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Video by Eric Bernotas